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Five Nights of Impostors

Five Nights of Impostors is a terrifying game where you play as a security astronaut. Try to prevent all roaming monstrous killers from catching you for survival!

Work in Five Nights of Impostors as well as fight against murders alone

If you have ever played Five Nights at Among Us download, you’ll know that it has an interesting story. An error in the code happened and made the rest of the crew turn into imposters. Afterward, White has to lock him in electrical to protect himself from them.

Now, Five Nights of Impostors APK also has a cool plot like that. You cannot escape from a distant spaceship. Nobody can help you because you don’t trust them anymore. They are impostors and they are looking for you to kill.

Download Five Nights of Impostors APK

Five Nights of Impostors

How to experience Five Nights of Impostors and fend off killing creatures

  • Firstly, it’s possible to watch over the spacecraft in your favorite FNaF APK download from the security room by using the cameras. Please look after these devices carefully!
  • Secondly, close or open the doors to block the crew from sneaking into. Therefore, it’s important to follow their movement!
  • Next, save and use the limited power while controlling the doors and trackers or you will be more vulnerable when it runs out
  • Recharge the power frequently

List of four impostors and their abilities

  • Red has very sharp teeth.
  • Yellow contains an alien life form inside.
  • Pink owns multiple eyes. As a result, it can find you easily.
  • Green’s face has a black hole vortex.

Download Five Nights of Impostors APK game and do everything to stop the foes from invading your office! There are full five nights waiting for you to check out your survivability.

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