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Custom Night

Custom Night is a kind of special night that can only be unlocked if the player already completes all 6 former nights in Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Once you have approached this night, you will get a chance to meet all animatronics again. Custom Night is so different from other nights, you will be allowed to customize the difficulty of animatronics, which makes your game more thrilling and exciting to play. If you are interested in the custom night, let’s check it out now!


All the difficulties of the animatronics can be changed by choosing a number, from 0 to 20. The player is able to select one and set the toughness to the animatronics. The higher a chosen number is, the tougher the animatronic will become.


Each animatronic has their own actions and routes, and the way they act will be up to the difficulty level that you set them to be.

Level 0

If all animatronics are set to be 0, it’s a rare chance for them to show up during the night. From the Show Stage, Bonnie and Chica will make some moves, Freddy Fazbear stays unmoved, while Foxy won’t appear in Pirate Cove.

However, Freddy can get a chance to show up when you run out of power, even if you set him to be 0. So, if you get power cut, and it’s already 6 AM before Freddy’s tune is over, you can survive!

Freddy Fazbear

During some nights, Freddy won’t be active much! He just stays unmoved and kind of passive on the first two levels. So, you no need to get scared of dying from him. However, he may become your risk when you reach levels 3-6. That’s when Freddy will start moving and try to jumpscare you!

From level 7-12, Freddy will move a lot, and he is getting more aggressive at level 13-20. He can tease you, kill you anytime if you leaves him unattended. You should try to shut your right door when the monitor is raised up, or watch the cameras carefully and go look over the East Hall Corner to avoid this bear. Also, you shouldn’t let your power run out, or Freddy will show up and jumpscare you.

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Custom Night

Bonnie and Chica

Bonnie and Chica are the animatronics that have the similar behaviors and the routes. One will come to the right door, and one will reach the left door. But, Bonnie will be more active than Chica, excluding for level 20. You must keep an eye on these two animatronics when you reach the second night. They will be more active and aggressive from level 3.

You may face these two animatronics from levels 7-12. That’s when they start demolishing the doors and lights. At level 20, if you see them at the blind spot, you must try to shut both doors as fast as possible, if not, they will sneak into your room and destroy your equipment.



Customizing the toughness of Foxy will help you decide his frequency of appearance, the way he jumpscares you, or the speed of popping up in Pirate Cove. Foxy will stay active and aggressive on the first two levels.

When you are at level 3 to level 6, you shouldn’t go look over the Pirate Cove much. If you try to do so, Foxy will become more hostile. He will show up in Pirate Cove very quickly at level 7-12, and he will bang your door more. He’s kind of active, and show up then disappear in Pirate Cove from level 13-20 in just a bit.

Finishing the Custom Night

Custom Night

You will receive a “Notice of Termination” once completing the Custom Night. The note stated that the workers got sacked because of their disturbance toward animatronics.

Specific Input Codes

There are some special codes that can be entered on the A.I difficulty screen.


Different from what you believe, even if you set all difficulties of animatronics to be 0, you still can’t disable all of them. Nevertheless, if you use this mode, you will be able to find some Easter eggs.

Golden Freddy can be provoked by you! About Freddy, he will pop up and end your life if you get power cut. But you will survive his attacks if you already reach 6 AM before he ends his tune. About Foxy, setting him to be 0 won’t even stop him from assaulting you. So, be careful with him!


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This mode is also called “4/20 Mode” or “Nightmare Mode”, and it’s known as the hardest one. All animatronics will become much more hostile, and you surely won’t get a chance to stay alive and get through all of them. But if you’re lucky enough to surpass this mode, you will be awarded the third and final star!


There are two common ways for finishing this hardest mode:

  1. Make sure your right door is closed when the Monitor is up in order to prevent Freddy from sneaking inside.
  2. Make sure your Monitor is open, then go look over Pirate Cove for finishing Foxy. Close the left door fast if he gets triggered, try to do so before you watch over the West Hall.
  3. Try to observe Bonnie and Chica by looking over the Hall Lights. Close the Monitor, utilize the right door carefully. Both of your doors must be closed if one of these animatronics approach your doors. Once the doors are closed, you should wait until they leave, then you can open them again.
  4. Repeat these steps.

(Remember these steps should be done when Freddy starts playing his jingle)

  1. Make a good use of your monitor, keep an eye on Freddy by looking over the East Hall Corner.
  2. Leave your Monitor open, look over the Hall Lights, and be sure you close the doors if Bonnie or Chica comes
  3. Open the Monitor and look over the East Hall corner. Try to do so and watch over Freddy. Make sure you monitor the Pirate Cove too to be careful with Foxy. Don’t get him provoked! If you do, you must close the left door before you watch over the West Hall.
  4. Close the Monitor, and repeat these steps.

(Remember that this strategic can be used without needing Freddy to perform his jingle. But, this tactic is kind of more perilous than the former one)


Custom Night

Golden Freddy’s kill screen.

With this setting in version 1.13, you are incapable of enjoying the Custom Night. When entering this code, you will provoke Golden Freddy’s kill screen. This code was added to the game by the creator in order to put an end to all failed rumors about 1/9/8/7, especially when it offers another ending once entering the settings. These rumors are not true at all!

Useful Tips

Finishing this 4/20 mode is not easy unless you know some tips! Try to keep an eye on the Pirate Cove through cameras carefully. Both of lights at two doors must be checked frequently in case Bonnie or Chica comes. When Foxy doesn’t come to the left door, make sure you close it immediately, then wait for him to bang the door. These doors must be shut when Bonnie and Chica are there.

Don’t forget to watch over the East Hall corner so that you can beat this mode! No need to keep an eye on the Pirate Cove too much, since Foxy will stay there as long as the Monitor is used. Therefore, you will be able to keep him there when you observe the East Hall corner.

  • Feel free to combine all these strategies! East Hall corner and Pirate Cove are two locations that must be checked carefully and regularly. In addition, you should use the lights to keep an eye on Bonnie and Chica. Make sure you close both doors when they come there.
  • Your power must be used carefully and properly. Try to close the right door and check the camera later immediately to save it up. Freddy will never get a chance to sneak into the room after you disable the door. You can save 2%-3% of power throughout the night if you do those steps carefully.
  • You are suggested not to utilize the Monitor too much, especially when your power is only 5-4% left, you shouldn’t use the lights or doors too frequently. If you run out of power, you will be assaulted by Freddy or Foxy. And If you’re lucky enough, you may survive them.
  • When you play the toughest mode, you are recommended to watch over the Pirate Cove so that you can learn when Foxy is about to assault. Even if you watch him too frequently or too little, he doesn’t care about that, so he keeps staying aggressive. All cameras should be checked properly!



If you conquer the custom night when all animatronics are not set to 20, you won’t get the third star.

According to a rumor, the kitchen camera will be activated if the players use 0/6/6/6 or 6/6/6/6. This was so wrong because the kitchen doesn’t contain any pictures.

Another rumor stated that the player would find an Easter Egg for FNaF 2 if they input 2/0//1/5. But sadly, this wasn’t true either.

Mike will be get sacked after all, even if you don’t alter these settings.

Foxy seems so damaged and defaced in the A.I customization picture of him. This could be because his photo was pictured after being closed down. However, there is no clarification for this yet.

If you choose number zero for all animatronics, while Foxy’s level difficulty is 20, and if you shut the left door always, he will make your power run out more quickly by hitting your door in 3,5 minutes.

If you set Freddy to be 20, Bonnie and Chica’s levels are 0, Freddy won’t get a chance to move until Bonnie and Chica make the first move from the stage.

All the toughness specifications for the A.I levels are not displayed and listed in the mobile editions due to the insufficient size of the screen.

The players can get a chance to explore all 5,985 A.I level combinations, among of them, there are 5,984 combinations that can be played.

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