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Dark Deception

Fnaf Dark Deception

Chapter 1 Demo of the cool Dark Deception Fnaf Download game is available to enjoy! Download the version and get ready to conquer another awesome challenge your way! It is a mission which is set in a haunted building. It is the shelter of many wicked creatures. Unfortunately, you woke up in that place. Quickly, you are being chased by a scary big soulless monkey. That forces you to run away from it for survival. Indeed, defending your life is the most important objective that you have to accomplish in Dark Deception. Make use of your skills during the race and do not stop until you escape. Aside from the chasing enemy, you will have the chance to fight against multiple hostile characters. Note that you cannot go back or you will die! Remember to read the tutorial to know what to do! There are also lots of purple crystals on the path. You’d better collect those items. Currently, you can find Chapter 1 on Steam. Good luck!

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Dark Deception Chapter 1 Demo

Download Dark Deception Chapter 1 Demo

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