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Ennard’s Night + Android Official

Ennard's Night + Android Official

Ennard’s Night + Android Official is a fangame based on the popular creepy Fnaf series. It is available for you to download and discover the challenge! Are you willing to fend off deadly jumpscares from scary monsters and stay alive at the end of the shift? The match also prolongs from 12 AM to 6 AM as the duration in Fnaf. Within that period, you are forced to prevent animatronic characters from killing you. Before they appear in front of your eyes and perform lethal jumps, you’d better stop them from invading your office first. Remember that your rivals in Ennard’s Night + Android Official can roam whilst you have to sit still a place to monitor cameras. But, they are effective tools to observe the position of those machines. They are cunning and know how to conceal themselves in the shadow. Try to supervise carefully and make a plan to block them promptly! Aside from that system, you can activate other objects. Nevertheless, using them will reduce the amount of power quickly. If everything cannot work, you are extremely vulnerable. Good luck!

Ennard’s Night

Download Ennard’s Night

Ennard’s Night Android

Download Ennard’s Night Android

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