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FNAF MIX IV will be an amazing Fnaf rework of the real unreleased game. It is also the next chapter and the final entry in the cool FNAF MIX series. In which, you can explore many different unique features. For example, “Back to FNAF1” will offer plenty of mechanics not existing before. Not only that, you are able to experience the way that a common guy tried to search for the truth. It is the story or the plot that you will have the chance to discover by yourself.

FNAF MIX IV will be an interesting Fnaf download that you should not skip. Aside from that, you can look for and hop into the Ultra Mix where everything good from Fnaf fan-made games, which are mixed and matched. Meanwhile, the points & shops system will not disappoint you. It is a distinctive set which cannot be found in the original Five Nights at Freddy’s. It has been balanced again. Do not forget to visit that place when you expect to buy toys or decorations for your office! In FNAF MIX IV, they are objects that own special abilities. Unfortunately, slots are not infinite. Therefore, you can’t utilize the stuff you purchased simultaneously. In case you wish to level up and occupy a higher rank, try to defend from evil monsters, survive and save enough exp. When you stay alive and gear up with upgrades, you will grow stronger and your survivability will be increased a lot. Especially, you can select the difficulty of the gameplay, consisting of Easy, Normal, and Hard modes. Enter your favorite nickname and embark on your part-time job now!

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