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Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Are you ready to join FNaF World Simulator Demo 2? This FNaF fan game can be downloaded for free, and it surely offers to you further features and amazing stuff once joining. Lots of interesting adventures, quests, and adorable animatronics are waiting for you ahead. Let’s take a chance to explore it all now!

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Unlocked New Animatronics

You will catch sight of a bright arrow displayed on the top of the animatronic’s head throughout a fight, if he gets defeated by you, he will have to engage in your team.

The assault of Animatronics

The attack style of every animatronic is so different and exclusive. You should make a good use of their attack types to beat all enemies. Try to use them wisely to conquer the whole battle.


Bosses are known as wicked characters in the game. But in this fan game, you can make a decision on picking some bosses and let them join your team to help you in several battles. These bosses are so useful and powerful, but they will become vulnerable and easily get tired if the enemies have a BossDrain. If you’re in this case, you should try to heal him faster to save his life.

After the occurrences, there will be a chaos happening to the rivals. They will gradually vanish away. Then, Redbear will send out 4 rivals to destroy Freddy and CO. But it’s not easy at all for 4 foes to beat the toughest characters.

The game puts you in the shoes of a cruel guy who makes an effort to kill the good guys.

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2
How to play

Make sure you create your team carefully before joining the battles. Your team must have 8 characters. You can unlock more animatronics when your game is advanced. Try to keep your team upgraded over time to boost their strength. Try to wander around to find more EXP stored in some boxes. These boxes can store 50, 100 or even up to 300. Lots of bosses are covering themselves un the dark, so go find them and challenge them to the fights. Make sure you beat them all so that you can force them to join your team.

New Ending

  • You will get an ending, if you:
  • Finish the game normally, then go behind Redbear
  • Fight against Redbear
  • Find Scott Cawthon and fighting Freddy
  • Look for Chipper and battling Freddy
  • Look for Supremem Fredbear
  • Look for Crash Kandicoot
  • Engage in a failed object
  • Look for the fan
  • End the timer to make all animatronics go against Freddy.

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