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Fnafstine 2600

Fnafstine 2600

Fnafstine 2600 is one of the special scary FNAF fan games. It is regarded as a prequel game to Fnafstine 3-D, in the style of an Atari 2600. The developer is working to create that look as accurate to Atari as he can. It is the goal of him for the title. After you download and install Fnafstine 2600 for free, you will meet up with a familiar character called the Purple Man. He needs your help to move to the show promptly. Between the position where he is standing and the door is full of platforms and traps. Spikes can cause damage to that murder and make you restart.

Join Fnafstine 2600 Gamejolt you’d better press the mouse button carefully to conquer those obstacles and approach the exit in time! Note! The difficulty level in the latter stages will change and increase. Try to jump smartly or stop properly or you will lose! Are you ready to follow him and uncover the remaining part? Good luck!

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