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Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG

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Super FNaF RPG is another fan creation giving you new features and further challenges to explore. The new version of this game has just been introduced to all players. And obviously, it will offer to you more stuff to check out. To access the new version, just make sure you finish all challenges in the first update, get to Ending 3 and set your footsteps in World 16. Super FNaF RPG download game takes you to the fierce battles where you have to play against lots of enemies. You will also meet a new animatronic named Puppet Master who is ready to destroy the whole world. Lots of other animatronics are being called to join his gang!

Once you spawn into the game and launch your adventure, you will direct Freddy and help him vanquish all challenges in this world. Also, there are plenty of mysterious that you can unravel when you take further steps into the game. You will move around some dungeons, get past all deadly traps, beat all wicked enemies and try to stay alive until the end.

New in-game features

Below here are some features that you can explore in Super FNaF RPG:

  • Call more friends and persuade them to join your party. Try to do this faster, gather more characters and let them perform their specific skills to demolish all wicked robots.
  • After that, you should go buy more attack types and try to keep your clan improved. You should try to win more fights to get more tokens, then spend them on purchasing some items in the shop. These new items will be given to your characters.
  • Solve all mysteries of the story in the game.
  • Keep moving forward and traverse more lands so level up your characters.

New Endings

Try to finish three following things to obtain all endings of the game:

  • Finish the Easy Mode
  • Complete the Normal Mode
  • Finish the Secret Worlds.

You can download Super FNaF RPG for free at Sister-Location.org by clicking the following links:

Super FNaF RPG

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