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Those Nights at Rachel’s

Those Nights at Rachel’s features mechanical monsters with a taste for killing curious people. Their goal is to prevent anyone from entering the abandoned building at night.

FNAF Those Nights at Rachel's Full Game
FNAF Those Nights at Rachel’s Full Game

FNAF Those Nights at Rachel’s gives players a chance to face off against interesting-looking monsters. They are all beasts living in mechanical bodies with powerful attack abilities. Become an explorer, your task is to find out the mystery of the abandoned building alone. It doesn’t sound right, but if you really love it, go with him to find challenges in this game. In this FNAF fangame, you need to make sure that your moves are really light and don’t attract attention. The mechanical beasts can detect noises at a distance, so you will lose if they detect you.

Download Those Nights at Rachel’s

Download FNAF Those Nights at Rachel’s

When experiencing for the first time, anyone will have the feeling that this is a game directly inspired by the famous FNAF series. True, the gameplay of this game will not change too much. But the context, as well as new characters, will give you surprises. Besides, a new voiceover mechanism also gives players the best experience. Those Nights at Rachel’s is free download on the Windows platform and supports many different devices. If you are a fan of the FNAF series, you should try this version even once if you don’t want to regret it. Of course, we recommend that you make sure that your device’s hardware configuration is good enough for a smooth and stable game experience. Checking out some other FNAF versions at our website will also be a good idea for you.

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