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Ultimate Custom Night Download

Ultimate Custom Night

It is free to download and play Ultimate Custom Night, a great and final FNAF mashup which is made by realscawthon. The night shift security guard who is working at a haunted local vintage restaurant has been trapped in another dangerous situation once. He needs your help to fulfill his job and escape. Take the role of that man and get ready to face to face 50 selectable animatronics characters from seven original Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Your mission is to survive as long as possible.

Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night Download

Download Ultimate Custom Night at here

With such a huge list, you are able to mix, match, and choose any assortment to experience with them. Additionally, you should know that options for customization may not en. According to the title of the Ultimate Custom Night, you will be allowed to easily opt for and establish the difficulty of those mysterious robots your way, from 0 to 20, before you embark on your objective right away. You will head to a small space and you are required to manage doors on both sides, two vents, two air hoses, systems, and remember to keep an eye on two curtains of the Pirate Cove, the hiding place that Foxy loves. By watching them constantly for many hours, you can stop the killer monsters from suddenly jumping in front of you or breaking into your room.
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In Ultimate Custom Night game, it is also essential to control tools like the power A/C, the power generator, the heater, the global music box, the sil. ventilation and much more. They are items that you are advised to master because they significantly contribute to your victory. However, your action will be limited if you do not pay attention to setting up laser traps in the vents or gathering Faz coins to purchase stuff in the prize counter.Ultimate Custom Night

Other Features

They can be found during the period that you are joining the Ultimate Custom Night. They include:

  • In the challenge menu, you will receive 16 themed quests.
  • In addition to that, you can hear the voice acting in the franchise. It will come from the returning favorites and from new arrivals.
  • It is feasible to check unlockable office skins.
  • There are lots of exciting cutscenes that can be unlocked.

Patch Notes

So as to improve the performance of the game, versions which have not been introduced to fans on GameJolt will be added and uploaded regularly. They will remove glitches like problems revolving around Springtrap, Mangle and more.

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