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Ultimate Custom Night

What do you do when you’re stuck at the office at night when other employees have gone home? Try Ultimate Custom Night to enjoy FNAF gameplay and fend off machine characters.

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download
FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download

FNaF Ultimate Custom Night Multiplayer is in an office – where the main character guy works. He is a responsible employee at work, always busy with dozens of papers, and has no time to rest. This means working late into the night without other co-workers showing up. One day, when he was no longer awake, he collapsed on his desk to sleep and had a strange dream. The ringing from the phone due to a call from an old friend wakes up their employees, from which trouble begins.

In this comeback, you will have to face more than 50 different characters with unique looks. The special thing is that you can choose the characters that you will have to confront in the game to feel as excited as possible. Then, get into action by finding useful objects, observing the camera system, inspecting areas, and more. Like other Five Nights at Freddy’s games, you will have to complete a lot of different tasks to keep your character safe.

Up to now, this game offers more than 16 different themed challenges for players to explore freely. The voice acting of the characters has also had a certain change to create more excitement when experiencing. Besides, you can unlock the new office look and movies after completing the assigned challenges. Ultimate Custom Night free download now to help the unfortunate employee survive until dawn. Will you be strong enough to overcome the pursuit of strange enemies, especially machine characters?

Ultimate Custom Night

Download Ultimate Custom Night

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