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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Are you willing to return to a scary restaurant and fight against more animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2? The nightmare and terrors are all back! You will have to face more wicked robotic enemies as you try to defend yourself from them. In FNaF 2, a previous night guard has left this job to you since he was moved to another work shift after complaining about these animatronics. Now, you take his job and try your best to finish it! This time, the aged animatronics decided to join the new animatronic gang, which means that the number of enemies that you’re going to face is greatly increased. The new animatronics, namely Toy ones, have been redesigned to make them more kid friendly. They promise to bring their best performances to all kids and adults. Your main mission is to sit in your office, and try to track these enemies through the cameras. Remember that this time your room isn’t equipped with doors, so you must try your hardest to prevent them from entering your office. But don’t worry, you are provided with a flashlight to light up some dark areas in the restaurant, and an empty Freddy Fazbear’s head to scare away some animatronics. Just make sure you don’t use them much, or your power will be run out. Good luck!

Instructions: The mouse is used for interacting with cameras, and other objects in the game.

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