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Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning unblocked is the horror educational game that went viral in 2018. You can play it on PC or phone via the download link here.

Baldi's Basics full game
Baldi’s Basics full game

Anyone who loves horror games must have heard of Baldi’s Basics. It is built on gameplay that combines horror and education. In the game, you will be a hard-working student participating in the math lessons of a teacher. Everything seems to be normal until you get a math problem wrong.

Lessons in the Baldi’s Basics full game take place in classrooms in 3D. There you will have to solve some math problems, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But unfortunately, you will always get the third problem wrong, and your teacher will chase you with the whip in hand.

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Thus, the first half of the game is a normal educational experience that even children can play. But don’t play the second half if you can’t stand the horror chases. Not only the teacher, sometimes some students or the principal will appear to stop you. At this point, think of a wise exit to survive.

With simple but attractive gameplay, Baldi’s Basics download on PC used to cause a fever in the game market at the time of its launch. Until now, it still retains many fans and gradually popularized again with the mobile version. The game’s graphics are also at a good level, with a unique style and the movements are also quite smooth.

That’s why you should try Baldi’s Basics mobile again and claim to be the best at math. Education and horror combine to create a gameplay that is both fun and thrilling. You will meet the tough and best teacher again, don’t make him angry!

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